Mosamane at the forefront of Agri-tech

The focus at Mosamane is on “intelligent sheep farming” vs conventional farming. Intelligent sheep farming places emphasis on technology, own feed production, genetics, and value chain management – from the gate to the plate.

With RFID (Radio frequency identification systems) we are able to track and trace the genetics; health history and growth performance of each lamb.

We are able to schedule each ewe in 8-month cycles in the herd-building division, resulting in producing lambs throughout the year in a manageable way. Because of the specialized feeding program (own feed production), we are able to ensure that each ewe is in excellent condition leading to yielding more than one lamb per cycle.

Our second cycle allowed us to produce quadruplets, triplets, and twins. Ultimately, we want to have enough breeding stock to produce 10,000 lambs per month. In the feedlot, we are able to provide the lambs with special feed with no growth hormones or antibiotics as this ensures healthy growth tracking for the period it takes to get a lamb slaughter ready.

We further realized that in order to produce best-of-its-class meat we think it is prudent to slaughter and process on the farm. Therefore we plan to build an export-ready abattoir and meat processing plant on the farm. This would further open up other by-product opportunities namely a leather tannery and production of leather goods; producing hoofs for the pet market; etcetera.

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