Fundraising Strategy

How we did it | Section 12J

Mosamane has already raised ZAR 81 m funding through a 12J investment fund managed and controlled by Impact Investment Africa, a registered fund management company with a good history of performance. The ZAR 81 m was approved and committed by Impact Investment Africa in 2021, these funds make up a significant share of the total request for funding and we are pleased to announce that Impact has already taken the first level of risk.

Impact Investment Africa has so far invested ZAR 6.3 m of the ZAR 81 m into Mosamane and a balance of ZAR 74.7 m will be invested over a period. A further ZAR 16 m is expected to be disbursed in the last quarter of 2022. 12J is a South African Tax Incentive scheme developed to encourage high wealth individuals and companies to invest in economic activities.

The 12J incentive scheme ended on 30 June 2021 when the South African Government discontinued it. Three companies and 42 individuals invested in diversified agriculture. These funds require patience and are dependent solely on the Receiver of Revenue to disburse, making it a slow process. We deem the 12J investments as the first level of risk-taking.