Investment Strategy

Our first investment focus is Intelligent Sheep Farming in the Eastern Free State and will deliver the following:

> Increase Herd Building and Feedlot capacity by building relevant infrastructure and secure stock to manage herds, ewes, feedlot and lambs. 

> Increase our herd building and feedlot capacity to 17600 sheep.

> Construct an export approved Abattoir (Halaal) and Meat Processing Unit.

> Implement Green Sprout technology for the feeding of the sheep.

> Build a pelletizing plant to produce pellets for the feeding of the sheep from our own feed mixing unit.

> Develop an alternative Energy Solution – we plan to implement an off the grid green technology system for all the activities on the farm.

> Implement technology for tracking and tracing, security and monitoring.

> Further develop the ecotourism potential on the farm. 

Mosamane has the capability and knowledge to grow into becoming the best in intelligent farming in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Our projects encompass variety;
  • proven market success;
  • potential for factory farming;
  • niche produce that can be cultivated through
  • technological advancements