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Intensive Sheep Farming

• Using technology to increase the optimization of meat production without resorting to hormones, steroids, antibiotics etc:
• Electronic monitoring of healthy feeding, watering, etc…
• Massively increases yield per hectare by focussing on animal welfare.
• So far, significantly higher than average lamb production per ewe as well…
• Massive area available to expand production on a controlled basis, plus to expand into ancillary animal rearing on a similar basis:
• A deprived, rural area of Free State, so marginal labour generation has significant trickle-down effects.
• Local agri-processing opportunities are yet to be finalized but generate further beneficiation and trickle-down effects.

Stay @ Mosamane

Mosamane Guest Farm is an eco-friendly, self-catering lodge. This traditional farm offers activities such as hiking, bird watching, squirrels, small game blessbucks. We can accommodate up to 17 guests. 

"Farmers do not determine the prices of the food that they produce, so the current system is not conducive to the survival of the farmer. Those who sell supplies to the farmers, and those who buy from them, are the ones who benefit most, instead of the farmers themselves. He warns that if we allow agriculture to collapse in South Africa, urbanisation will increase, food production will decrease, and this will result in increased both in imported produce and in higher prices. Mosemane aims to industrialise agriculture, to cultivate a new marketplace for farmers where the farming community is transformed, and rural farming is revitalised."
Kevin Wakeford

Is Mosamane Lamb Free Range?

At Mosamane we are striving to introduce intensive sheep farming and not conventional farming. With conventional farming you need hectares of land to farm free ranging sheep. However, it is of great importance to us to provide quality meat, well processed and packaged – targeted at the discerning housewife.


We ensure that the sheep are not fed any growth hormones, and during the last 30 days we refrain from any dips and or antibiotics to ensure that the meats contain no pesticides and or antibiotics.


However, because we are still scaling up we follow a hybrid system: sheep are allowed to graze in the veld and are only taken to the pens when we need to sponge the ewes; pair the ewes with the rams; when the ewes lamb; and the last 30 days before slaughtering to prevent any unnecessary sicknesses.


I guess you can say we are semi free-range. I trust that this will answer your question. By the way, Mosamane Farm at Rosendal in the Eastern Free State also offers self-catering accommodation and a very special registered hiking trail. Why don’t you bring your friends and family and visit our working farm?

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